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[ID start: a page of 7 black and white doodles of Snufkin. Snufkin is a man with a light skin tone, short hair, and a tail like a lion. He is wearing a big pointed hat with a flower crown around it or a feather stuck on it, as well as a large baggy shirt, pants, and boots with straps, The first drawing is of a tiny Snufkin saying “hullo there Moomintroll.” The second is of Snufkin sticking his tongue out with the text ‘blep’ next to him. The third is a drawing of Snufkin from below saying “Hullo.” The fourth is of Snufkin showing his hand which is black and clawed, text above his hand reads ‘claws’. Text above Snufkin reads ‘creecher’ The fifth is of Snufkin lifting his hat to the side as he blushes with an alarmed expression. Text next to him reads “ahhhhhhhh”. The sixth is of Snufkin smoking his pipe as he sits on the ground carving some wood in his hand. The seventh is of Snufkin smiling as he holds his harmonica. end ID]

You’re My Snufkin!

Boogie Woogie Woogie!

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