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[ID start: a drawing of Sam posing with her baseball bat as she floats in an white space. She has a determined expression on her face and is clenching her freehand in a fist. The area above and below her head have blue text that reads ‘What the fuck is happening’ but the fuck is sort of covered up by her head a little to censor it.

Sam is light skinned girl, who has short bright blue hair in an undercut, winged eyeliner, and black and silver piercings. She has some scratches below her knees. She is wearing a open red jacket with white sleeves that are rolled up to her elbows, over a dark blue shirt. The jacket has a blue circle IPRE patch and a campfire patch. She is also wearing grey shorts and blue sneakers with orange socks. end ID]

She got the leg scrapes from doing the thing where you slide on your knees as a cool radical parkour trick but was an absolute idiot and forgot she was wearing shorts and shredded her legs up!

Sam is an idiot a lot of the time

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