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[ID start: a drawing of two people, the first is a boy floating above the girl in a curled up ball with a displeased expression as he looks to the side with orange action lines coming off him. He is a boy with dark skin tone, short dark blue undercut hair, and is wearing an orange sweatshirt, grey ripped jeans, dark blue boots.

The second is a girl crouched on the ground as she poses with a peace sign as she smiles and winks, there are blue curved action lines coming off her side. She is a girl with a light skin tone, medium length orange side shave hair, piercings, and is wearing a blue and red stripped shirt, orange leggings, and red sneakers.

On the sides of both of them are printed out pieces of paper with song lyrics from the band ‘AJJ’. Next to the boy is last lyrics from the song ‘People II 2: Still Peoplin'’. Next to the girl are the lyrics from the first chorus in ‘Hate and Kill’. end D]

Im trying to make the backgrounds in my pieces more interesting so for now I’m just slapping song lyrics and fun action lines on them!

im just throwing more art into waterfall! wanna help fill the ajj tag a little!!!