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[ID start: a drawing of Anna and Noelle blushing and holding hands together as they are surrounded by little pink, orange, and blue hearts all around them. Anna is smiling as she talks and Noelle is closing her eyes and smiling.

Anna is a girl with a medium skin tone, winged eye liner, and short curly hair thats orange with brown roots, it is held back with blue hair clips. She is wearing a rainbow sweater and a dark pink skirt.

Noelle is taller than Anna by a bit. Noelle is a girl with a light skin tone, pink earrings, and long straight brown hair. She is wearing a dark pink blazer, over a grey tshirt with blue stripes, thats tucked into a dark blue skirt, with some grey tights. end ID]

It’s Anna and Noelle my ocs! I’m still refining their character design!

also i lost my light pink marker im really sad

Uh heres my first post for this blog! I'm going to be transfering somethings over from my tumblr account! My accounts under the same name over there so check it out if you want to see some more of this stuff!