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[ID start: a page with three drawings of Oliver. Oliver is a boy with a medium skin tone, short wavy pink hair cut in an undercut, and freckles. He is wearing a dark green hoodie with dark pink strings. He is wearing this over light blue jeans with rips and yellow, orange, and dark pink patches sewn on them, as well as orange sneakers.

The first drawing is of Oliver saying “My name is Oliver. Nice to meet you!” He is looking to the side and smiling as he talks, as well as holding his arms in front of him as he closes his fists. The drawing cuts off under his arms. The second drawing is a full body of Oliver smiling as he looks to the side with a hand in his hoodie pocket and does the okay sign with his hand next to his legs. The third drawing is of Oliver kneeling dramatically with his arms by his sides. He has an annoyed expression on his face. In the corner of the page there is Olivers name with two green wavy lines next to it. end ID]

Working on my Oliver design! Starting to flesh out the design a bit, though i want to design him a better outfit, this is just a placeholder for now! Oh yeah and yall wouldnt know since u dont follow my tumblr but oliver is trans